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GONE – „Don't go. Stay. Because it's so beautiful.”

The minimalist concept developed by the Belgium designer Serge Cornelissen is reduced to the essential.

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Loum Book

Today is the day you‘ve been waiting for – our new LOUM BOOK is out now!

Interior-lovers, watch out! Find style, think outside the box, be cheeky. Browse through our brand-new LOUM BOOK now and be inspired.

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Aesta - A Midsummer night’s dream in shape of a battery light.

Are you longing for endless, mild summer nights on your terrace? Our new battery lights create an harmonious atmosphere that looks like taken straight out of a picture book.

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Designer Rainer Mutsch designs for LOUM

When it comes to Loum, Designer Rainer Mutsch has got the hang of it.

Read more about the Austrian designer and ARKADE, the series he developed for LOUM.

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The new Molto Luce brand.

LOUM is a combination of the words 'room' and 'lumen'. The name says it all: at LOUM, we join our instinct with our competence for light, trends and design.

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